Goodbye my love



Sadly I was unable to get a blog post out before Rachael passed away on November 11th.

Rachael had been doing well and we’d had a brilliant time since breaking out of The National. A trip to the south coast, lovely meals with friends and family, a very special trip to Claridge’s aka Clarence Fancy House, and a lovely trip out to Gloucestershire to see my parents whilst she had the new bathroom put in that she’d been on at me about getting done for ages…

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First one for a while

Me, Alex, Richard, Anna and Lauren going to watch Bridget Jones’ Baby on Sept 18th 2016. Loved it!

Hello everyone,

It’s Alex here helping Rachael with a blog post. It’s been some time since you’ve heard from as we’ve had a very challenging time following the stem cell transplant. This will be a bit of a grim (and very long) read but despite everything we want everyone to know that we’re happy and remain hopeful that things might work out.

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