Sol 416: thoughts from a Martian

I watched Ridley Scott’s The Martian this week and couldn’t help but see some parallels between my predicament and that of Matt Damon’s. Damon plays the role of Mark Watney – an astronaut who is left behind – presumed dead – following a mission to Mars. Alone for hundreds of days on Mars – or Sols in the film – he is reliant on the brightest minds on planet Earth to get him home in one piece. He’s alone and keeps himself sane by exploring ways to improve his life on Mars whilst he waits to be rescued. He takes big risks to get the ending he wants. Continue reading


1 of 66

I’m starting a cancer trial next week, it’s chemotherapy but it’s targeted so I’m hoping I won’t get all the rank side effects from the full blown variety. I’m so lucky to be on it –¬†1 of 66 people globally. Whilst we know that the chance of success is low,¬†today’s cancer drugs started out in trials and that gives us great hope. Continue reading