Introducing the magical bag

This week I’m in between treatments – I just found out that my last one failed. I’m devastated but this is the fourth time we’ve had news like it, so we are getting better at dealing with disappointment. Next up are scans and then a consultation to find out what we can try next. Me and Mr H are doing O.K. x

I’ve been so humbled by all the messages and supportive comments since I launched my blog – so many people wanting to help me, so I thought of the practical things that people can do to help someone who is living with cancer – as a carer or a friend. I haven’t met anyone – me included – who knows what to say or do at a time like this but I personally think that being able to offer practical support could really help both patients and friends. Continue reading


We made it through the first year with cancer, happy anniversary x

It’s a bitter sweet time of year for me – I’ve just celebrated my second wedding anniversary and it’s a year since I was diagnosed with cancer. Non Hodgkins B Cell Lymphoma to be precise.

This past year has been the hardest of my life – filled with tears, laughter (if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry…again), IVF, chemo, painful biopsies, evil PICC lines…and three rounds of failed treatment – but I’m still fighting. Continue reading