Goodbye my love



Sadly I was unable to get a blog post out before Rachael passed away on November 11th.

Rachael had been doing well and we’d had a brilliant time since breaking out of The National. A trip to the south coast, lovely meals with friends and family, a very special trip to Claridge’s aka Clarence Fancy House, and a lovely trip out to Gloucestershire to see my parents whilst she had the new bathroom put in that she’d been on at me about getting done for ages…

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First one for a while

Me, Alex, Richard, Anna and Lauren going to watch Bridget Jones’ Baby on Sept 18th 2016. Loved it!

Hello everyone,

It’s Alex here helping Rachael with a blog post. It’s been some time since you’ve heard from as we’ve had a very challenging time following the stem cell transplant. This will be a bit of a grim (and very long) read but despite everything we want everyone to know that we’re happy and remain hopeful that things might work out.

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Hello from the new and improved me :-)

Crikey, the past 36 days have been literally the hardest of my life. Starting with 7 days of chemo, a stem cell transplant is something you can never really prepare for as everyone reacts differently. I naively thought that after all the rounds of chemo I’ve had over the past 19 months that I’d be O.K and the process wouldn’t be so hard. Boy, was I wrong. It’s a physical and mental test that keeps you guessing with cheeky side effects some subtle, some massive, all of which you can definitely live without. If this process has worked and I’m cancer free then that’s fab. If I’m not, someone’s going to be in for it!! Continue reading

We did it! #runningforrachael

A message from a Marathon-weary Mr H…

This is a bit of a long one but it will be the last as I imagine you lot will be more fatigued from my marathon posts than I am from the event.

The Running for Rachael team completed the London Marathon yesterday with Sara Leach coming in at 3.29, Richard Davison at around 5.11 and I came in at 5.26. It’s safe to say Eliud Kipchonge can rest easy for the foreseeable but Jemima Sumgong has more to worry about. Continue reading